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I have taught for eight(8) years in the following areas; Mathematics, English Language and ICT. Besides, I have studied English Language as a subject throughout my entire education. I have great command over the English Language. I pursued courses such as Linguistics, Literature, Modern English and Usage, Mathematics, Psychology and ICT. These courses well conducted in the English Language. This has instilled in me the ability to use the Language in both written and spoken form. Moreover, I have written a number of project work during my studies at the university. These projects were written in the English Language. I have also written some report on budget for my school on a number of occasions. Linking my skills and experience as a student and worker to this job offer, I strongly believe that there is a good match. This work would involve reading and making corrections -arranging in a chronological order and making corrections of some grammatical errors and writing sentences. I can confidently say that this kind of work is a routine work for me. I always edit and arrange my work before I do my lesson presentation. I edit my students work and make suggestions in the areas that need improvement. I am time conscious, punctual and never missed a deadline before. I carry out my duties at appreciable speed taking into consideration quality and perfection. I have a conviction that time wasted can never be regained. I have this at the back of my mind every time I am put to the task. Time is definitely money so one should do everything possible to accomplish the work that has been assigned to him/her within a stipulated time. If given this offer, I would do everything to submit it within the given time frame. I stand out among my co-employees because I always make sure that I give out the best. I do not compromise on quality. I always strive to be perfect or near perfection. Quality is my benchmark. In all situations I make sure that the person who has assigned me a given task smiles. I take pride in my work so I do not mess around with my it at all. I pay attention to detail. In a nutshell, I believe that I am good enough for this offer. From the above description, it is evidently clear that I have the requisite knowledge, experience and the qualities for this offer. I am hard working, goal oriented, time conscious and efficient. If you are looking for someone to proofread, edit, write articles and copy and paste your work, look no further than me because you ha

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