OVERVIEW: is an online company based in Accra, Ghana.  Founded on the 21st of December, 2014 as part of the COSByte brand. is based upon three main principal pillars: passion, technology and service, which also double as the the philosophy behind the operations of COSByte!

At, we believe that every one of us is gifted, talented, skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, etc, in one way or the other. The problem, however, is not how big or small our unique skills are but how easy to monetize such skills and create a passive income whether part-time or full time while doing what we do best. So, whether it is a skill like writing and organizing data or a hobby like dancing or designing… you can be a member. There are no rules so far as your skill is legal in Ghana, conforms to our terms of service and/or it seeks to help make someone’s life easier or fulfilled.

Moreover, working as a freelancer entails working with buyers or employers from various walks of lives which makes getting hired and paid by employers outside your location undoubtedly tiresome and resource-consuming.

We therefore designed this platform as  a tool to help you market your skills, abilities and knowledge to solve the countless little problems of the countless people out there and get paid for doing so. Plus, with, we bridge the gap between freelancers and employers or buyers by serving as an intermediate for the two parties to ensure that they transact business in a reliable, safe and secure way.

The best part is, it is 100% FREE to join, which means you too can begin right now to create a massive part-time business from your skills and hobbies.



A Message from our co-founder (Mr. Archurst):

As a freelancer, I value two things: time and freedom. However, I wanted a platform that could give me both – the freedom to own my time! That is to say, I wanted a platform where I could still earn while doing something I am passionate about without spending my precious time on the boring stuff of a full time job. Who else doesn’t enjoy working when they want to and balancing it with other things that matter so much in life like relationships, health, etc.? Or, who else doesn’t enjoy doing the same job they could do in the office from the confines of their home (probably in their pajamas) without worrying about traffic on the road to and from the office…. after sitting in a cubicle for 9 hours!

Though I know I am good at what I do, I couldn’t make as much because of “trust” issues! This is because, most of my prospective clients and employers lived outside my location and would hardly hire someone they haven’t met in person. Likewise, I also doubted if clients will be willing to pay me (in full) after doing their job without any issues. Thus, GigShip (formerly known as Accupy) was born!

GigShip therefore had one simple goal: “to bring freelancers and employers together to transact business without losing the trust in each other”. In other words, we are the middlemen between freelancers and their clients or employers.

Our Vision:

“To drastically reduce the rate of unemployment in Africa through freelancing.”

Our Mission:

“To make it easy and safe to work for anybody from anywhere at anytime on your own terms.”


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